It’s time to kiss drab, dark winter evenings goodbye! Daylight Saving Time begins on March 10, which means sunset will continue to move later and later, giving us some time to play outdoors a little longer.

I know we lose an hour of sleep but for me, the extra daylight is so worth it. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish in the days following the time change and from losing that precious hour of sleep, I suggest a few tips to help you perk up sooner than later:

Take an evening walk. Regardless of your normal workout routine, go enjoy some of that extra daylight. Having something to appreciate (such as more daylight) will help re-energize you.

You may lose an hour of sleep, but you can still gain better sleep. Wash the sheets the night of the change, darken the room, sip some chamomile tea, listen to soothing music…do things to help relax your body and mind so you can sleep more soundly.

Consider what you want to do with the extra daylight. Thinking positive about how you’re going to use the extra daylight may help to perk you up.

Don’t eat too late. Having a heavy meal in your tummy so late may interfere with a good night’s sleep. Give yourself time to digest dinner before heading off to bed.

Give yourself time to wind down before bedtime. Dim the lights, turn off computer screens and bright lights. Tune into my show and put yourself in a relaxed state of being so you can head off to bed ready for a good night’s sleep.