Here's a fun little project you can do with the kids or grand-kids to get them ready for Easter: the paper chain countdown.

Perhaps you've seen this done for Christmas too, but my version includes bits and pieces of the Easter story written on each chain. On each strip of paper, write a verse or something age-appropriate your child will understand to help them learn about Jesus' resurrection. Or perhaps write a little prayer or gratitude or something encouraging for the whole family to read. You can include any or all of it, or mix it up daily. Let your kids color the strips of paper, glitter, decorate with stickers, and then stick them in a bowl.

Hang the first chain and then each day thereafter, pull one strip of paper out of the bowl, read the verse or gratitude, then connect it to the chain with glue or tape. Watch your chain grow, watch your hearts grow, and by Easter Sunday, you will have a sweet decoration displayed in your home. If you want your chain to be much longer, just make enough strips of paper to be able to attach two or three new chains daily. The more the hop to it!

Have a wonderful week!

~ Delilah