It’s chilly outside but tonight I plan on warming things up indoors with your favorite songs on the radio. Whether you’re listening to my show on your local radio station or tuning into iHeartRadio, I really appreciate you joining me each night. 

All the people who produce my show work really hard to make great radio and it’s because they truly believe, like me, we have a mission of spreading love and hope thru the airwaves. It feels really good to do something you enjoy and feel like you’re making a difference in lives of other people. And the really neat thing is that everyone on my staff is so different from each other! I mean, really very different, from different backgrounds and different walks of life. 

I love the fact that the people in my circle are so diverse. I love that no two are alike. Did you ever cut out snowflakes when you were a kid? It was always so fun cutting them up and seeing how each one unfolded to become its unique design. Isn’t it amazing that out of the gazillions of real snowflakes that fall every year, no two are alike? 

And how about fingerprints and palm prints? No two have ever been found to be the same. If God can be that creative with a teeny tiny little snowflake, how much more unique is your soul? How much more special and different and unique is your heart, your soul, your mind, that which makes you you

If you ever question your worth, stop. Don’t ever question if you’re special, because you are. How boring this world would be if every person looked, talked, dressed and thought the same way. You can bet my show wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if every love song said the same thing and every person had the same story. Be grateful for who you are because you are uniquely and wonderfully made.