Do you need a spring awakening? Maybe you just need to spring into action and do something that makes you feel good. Let me give you a few ideas…

Spring clean. In your car, your desk, your shed or your bedroom, pick a place that could use a little (ahem!) attention this season and make it a more desirable place to be.

Plant some seeds. In the ground, in a container or in your windowsill, put your green thumb to work and grow something this year!

Plan a spring brunch. If you’re not already doing this for Easter, get some friends or family together and put together a potluck picnic, a barbecue or a brunch and come to remember why you love these milder months.

Take a spring break. The kids get one, why not you? Just for a day. Devote a day to unwind and relax. Take some time to refuel yourself by doing an activity you enjoy.

Bring flowers. To your office, to your friend, to your kitchen table, bring some pretty spring flowers to perk up the environment you’re in and celebrate spring.

Switch up your workout. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day and it doesn’t have to be in a gym. Walk along the beach or lake, take a hike with your kids, stretch outside, try a group yoga class, wash the car, or get to work in the garden. Digging and planting will definitely cost you a few calories.

Do you know someone getting married, having a baby, celebrating an anniversary, or graduating? Now is the time to recognize someone special so write a special dedication for them, pick a song if you’d like, and send it to me. Email me at