I used to make gratitude lists where every day I would write down things I was grateful for and I couldn't repeat the same things from day to day. The first week or two it's pretty easy. You're grateful for your kids, your job, your house, your car...but after a while, you have to start really looking and realize "I'm thankful I can make a glass of cold lemonade on a hot day. I'm grateful for ice cubes which are a little luxury that we take for granted." You have to start dissecting your days and your life and your experiences a little bit more.

I'm grateful right now that I'm not walking in pain. I broke my hip bone and for two years as a result I lived in a lot of pain. Just from that experience, I appreciate better the fact that I can simply walk without pain and with such freedom of movement. I may have taken that simple gift for granted if I hadn't been thru that experience. Not only that, I can sympathize for others who are in pain and be more apt to help because I know what that's like. And I'm grateful for that.
I talk a lot about having an attitude of gratitude, but I think I should talk about it a lot more because having a grateful heart is like being handed the keys to happiness. It's true. It's really hard to be unhappy when you're busy focusing on the things that make you grateful. So what are you thankful for today: fireflies, air conditioning, flowers, baby snuggles, a cup of iced tea with a friend?

Think on that a while and consider making your own gratitude lists; I know I should start again, because I've never felt happier than when I was busy counting my blessings.