Read What Your Lunchtime Sandwich Says About Your Personality:

Tuna - Love order and routine. They can often find it hard to relax, work ahead of deadlines, can be high achievers and have a tendency to believe they are always right.
BLT - Live in the now, believing that experience speaks louder than words. They are often self-indulgent and materialistic. 
Grilled Cheese - Logical planners who like to surround themselves with successful people. They tend to be good at tasks and will always tell the truth no matter what.
Roast Beef - Act first and thinks later. They love to solve problems and are great at multi-tasking. They often have an unwillingness to commit to anything.
Ham - Often spend time thinking about their future. They are inventive and original. A real love of physical activity and the outdoors.
Chicken Wrap - Sociable and talkative and thrive on interaction with the outside world. They do tend to act without thinking things through.
Egg Salad - Reflective, quiet people, they like to spend time alone and are motivated by private, internal goals. They find social situations draining and prefer to spend time at home.