Discover what your holiday cookie says about you:
Sandwich cookie -- You're a capable adult who still maintains a childlike joy for life. You thrive on surprises because you're always ready to explore new ideas. 
Chunky cookie -- You're fully engaged with all aspects of life. You're at your best when you're taking the lead, whether you're on a weekend bike ride or completing a project at work.
Chocolate Chip cookie -- Your spirit ignites smiles and laughter wherever you go. You're a source of endless optimism for your family and friends.
Butter cookie -- You're a traditional homebody with a generous heart. You have a natural ability to empathize and nurture anyone who comes into your orbit. 
Oatmeal cookie -- You're smart as a whip and an inspiration to co-workers and friends. You're also incredibly organized and able to multitask a variety of projects.