Snow White - Princess Personality: Gentle, generous, nurturing, girly-girl, a little shy, trusting, friendly, sees the good in everyone.

Cinderella - Princess Personality: Hard-working, resilient, imaginative, caring, kind, faithful, resourceful, stands up for what is right.

Aurora - Princess Personality: Singer, animal-lover, true to herself, selfless, loving, respectful, playful, obedient, hopeless romantic.

Ariel - Princess Personality: Adventurous, a daredevil, determined, stubborn, curious, energetic, outgoing.

Belle - Princess Personality: Loving, mature, a dreamer, unique, loyal, witty, brave, resourceful.

Jasmine - Princess Personality: Head-strong, clever, outspoken, impulsive, charming, confident.

Pocahontas - Princess Personality: Brave, strong, nature lover, teacher, independent, compassionate, spiritual.

Mulan - Princess Personality: Courageous, mischievous, clever, strong, spunky, heroic, determined, tomboyish.

Tiana - Princess Personality: Hard-working, friendly, out-spoken, determined, down-to-earth, funny, disciplined, a foodie.