What do you think is one of the happiest name for a kid? If you have friends named Judy or Joshua and they're always ridiculously upbeat and happy, there's a reason: It's in their name. The happiest people are likely to be named Judy or Joshua, and the most miserable are Lynn and Ben. 

• Top 10 happiest women's names (in order from one to ten): Judy, Stephanie, Linda, Pam, Pat, Fiona, Paula, Susan, Isabel, Vicky.

• Top 10 happiest men's names: Joshua, Jason, Matthew, Terry, Barry, Stan, Ian, Craig, Nigel, Christopher.

• Top 10 unhappiest women's names: Lynn, Charlotte, Tina, Amy, Tara, Sam, Alex, Tanya, Jessica, Olivia.

• Top 10 unhappiest men's names: Ben, Andrew, Edward, Tim, Owen, Bob, Dennis, Ray, Alfie, Jeremy.