Jelly Roll Cake -- You're ahead of the pack, looking toward the future and setting treads for others to follow. Your imagination and creative ability make you a master of holiday magic.
Apple Pie -- You're no slacker. Your ability to reach all your goals with a minimum of drama makes you a natural leader.
Pumpkin Pie -- You have a quiet strength that may be overlooked by some, but your loved ones and colleagues often turn to you for support and guidance in times of crisis. You also possess a generous heart.
Pecan Pie -- You're unwavering faith in friends, family and co-workers is an astounding trait that, in turn, brings others to your side. You remain focused on your goals in the same way, doing whatever it takes to achieve success.
Fruitcake -- You're a talker with a variety of opinions that you're bursting to share. Even when others disagree with your thoughts, they still enjoy your smart, informed conversation. Your choice of dessert also shows you often swim against the tide of conformity, ready to debate anyone you perceive as old fashioned.