Point Your Child's Bed In A Positive Sleeping Direction: We all have 4 positive and 4 negative sleeping directions based on our year of birth and gender.  The goal is to align the child's bed so that the top or crown of the head is pointed towards one of their positive compass directions. Be sure to use a compass to determine actual compass directions in your home.

Get More "Dark" At Bedtime: Don’t sleep with the lights on, or the TV or a night light.  Keep the bedroom dark for sleeping so your body can produce the natural melatonin you need for better sleep and mood.

What Your Child Sees: Happy family photos remind kids they are part of a family that loves them.  Team or school pictures help create a sense of community.  And certificates, trophies and awards remind kids that they can accomplish what they set out to do.  All of these things are positive symbols to help give your child a psychological boost.
De-Clutter To Keep The Energy From Getting Stuck: Clutter creates resistance to the natural flow of energy in a room.  Stuck energy from too much clutter can make your child feel stuck, procrastinate or even get depressed. And they won't be able to focus on their studies in a lot of clutter.