What you do during the first 15 minutes after you first wake up in the morning could make your day successful or sabotage it. How can you make the most of this precious, early-morning time? Rettig advises the following:

1. Do not go online.
Don't do it! You may intend to spend only a few minutes online, but that can easily turn into an hour or more. Best advice: Stay offline until 10am.

2. Do not turn on the TV.
Many of us turn on the TV while getting dressed or eating breakfast. And then we just keep watching it, glued to some inane show. Best advice: If you enjoy the background noise the TV provides, turn on the radio instead.

3. Do not answer the phone.
Caller ID allows you to tell who is calling, so unless you suspect it's a family or work emergency, let it ring and go to voice mail. Best advice: Turn off your phone for the first few hours of the day.

4. Do not tackle busy work or dreaded work first.
Begin with a task that is more likely to yield a positive outcome. Best advice: Accomplish something immediately. It will motivate you for the rest of the day.