Here's what various types of laughter disclose:
Giggle: You're an optimist with a vibrant, youthful outlook on life. You're a fun-loving free spirit who loves to see pomposity being deflated.
Guffaw: This hearty, deep-seated belly laugh reveals you're uninhibited, willing to take chances and seize opportunities. People enjoy company.
Cackle: This is a loud laugh that carries often heard above the roar of a crowd. You're a born life-of-the-party type who enjoys telling jokes.
Snicker: This involves you laughing under your breath an indication that you often see the funny side to a situation even when others do not. You're easy going.
Snort: A snort results when you try to bottle up your laughter and it ends up in your nose. You do not like to call attention to yourself. 
Ordinary laughter: This type of laughter well-modulated, appropriate and never too loud shows you like to be one of the crowd. You apply yourself and work hard.