If you love... Lucky Charms
You most likely crave options and appreciate each one.. You also understand that with great rewards, comes great responsibility.

If you love... Cheerios
Those who still love Cheerios are either traditionalists or vintage chic. When you love Cheerios, everything old is new.

If you love... Cocoa Puffs
You might be a little wild and crazy. If you do, in fact, go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, we ask that you do so responsibly and not bounce all over the room.

If you love... Cap'n Crunch
You have natural leadership qualities, and a hard-working. You clearly see a job all the way through and are not afraid to make sacrifices to get it done.

If you love... Fruity Pebbles
You are probably very COLORFUL and LOUD and VIBRANT! We applaud your boldness.

If you love... Count Chocula
The Count is your mascot for your dark side. As such, you are either secretly or overtly nurturing your dark side. You are a bold and forward person.

If you love... Cinnamon Toast Crunch
You are very sweet and kind to others. Maybe the crunch means there are rough edges to you people don't know about, but it is your affection for others that dominates your personality.

If you love... Corn Flakes
You might be the quiet type. Maybe you're the shy one of the group.