If you think a churro is a type of dog, you've got another thing coming to you.  How much do you really know about this exotic yet flavorful fare? Take our Mexican Food quiz and find out.

1.  This Mexican deep-fried pastry stick is rolled in sugar and served hot...
a. Tamale
b. Funnel Cake
c. Churros
d. Quesadilla

2.  This Americanized favorite features a lightly fried corn tortilla, fried eggs, tomato sauce, refried beans, avocado, potatoes and chili peppers. What is it?
a. Egg enchilada
b. Taco grande
c. Stuffed burrito
d. Huevos rancheros

3.  Which alcohol is used to make most margaritas?
a. Tequila
b. Rum
c. Vodka
d. Gin

4.  Refried beans are typically made from which type of beans?
a. Pinto beans
b. Green beans
c. Northern beans
d. Chickpeas

5.  Carne asada is traditionally made with which cuts of beef?
a. Filet mignon
b. Flank or skirt steak
c. Ground round
d. T-bone steak

6.  This traditional Mexican dessert is a custard topped with a layer of soft caramel.
a. Flan
b. Tres leche
c. Arroz con leche
d. Empanadas

Answers: C, D, A, A, B, A

You got 6 out of 6 right!
Your Mexican Food IQ Is Muy Bueno ... Ole! Ole! You enjoy nothing more than sitting down to a gourmet Mexican meal. Forget the fast food imitators -- you enjoy the real deal. Not only do you know the hottest Mexican spots in town, you're well-versed in serving up your own fantastic fare. The next time you throw a get-together, serve your specialties -- from salsa to flan. It's sure to be a mouth-watering experience your guests won't forget anytime soon.

You got under 4 correct!
Make A Run For The Border ... And we don't mean Taco Bell. You don't have to leave the country to please your palate with some home-cooked Mexican fare. Make reservations at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Better yet, find a few good recipes on the internet and prepare your own Mexican buffet. Variety is the spice of life -- so branch out and try experimenting with some gourmet Mexican cuisine.