Situations that call for split-second decisions can reveal what you consider the top priorities in your life. Find out what means the most to you by reviewing the following situation:

•The baby is crying.
•The clothes dryer is signaling end of cycle.
•Water is running in the tub.
•There's a knock at the door.
•The phone is ringing.

Here's an explanation of what your choice means:

•Soothing the baby before dealing with anything else indicates your family comes first in every instance.
•Running to the dryer to retrieve the clothes is a sure sign that your love life tends to be at the top of your list.
•Turning off the faucet before dealing with the other problems means money is most important to you.
•Heading for the door first symbolizes the essential place friends and relatives hold in your life.
•Answering the phone before attending to anything else reveals strong devotion to your job and career.