Meat and Potatoes Eaters: These people are solid citizens - conservative, resistant to change and devoted to keeping faith with traditional values. Their attitude is - What was good enough for my folks is good enough for me.

Junk Food Eaters: They rarely sit down to a formal four-course meal, but snack their way through life. This is a family oriented group. Their lives center around their children.

Diet-Concerned Eaters: They have their eyes on the future and are intent on maintaining their health. They pride themselves on their ability to save a buck and make do with last year's clothes, an older car, etc.

Naturalists: Highly Idealistic people in this group sincerely believe that they can improve life for everyone with their constructive criticism.

Food Sophisticates: Quiche eaters, wine tasters and cheesecake fanciers . This group is into wealth rather than health. They willing to devote unusual time and energy to get ahead and living first class and they're inclined to delay marriage, children or anything else that would distract them from their goal.