Van carrying 104 puppies crashes, but all the puppies are okay.

A van carrying 104 puppies, in Upstate New York, crashed when the driver lost control of the vehicle. But don’t worry - they were rescued and amazingly, they all survived.

The puppies were headed to pet stores in the area when the accident happened. State police who arrived at the scene of the crash turned the pups over to the animal hospital and five of them were treated for major injuries. None of the dogs were ejected from the van during the crash because they were inside cages and they’re all expected to recover.

"There were cages that were secured in the van, built into the van, so that's how they were being transported,” Veterinarian Dr. Becky Mortensen says. “I think it was a tough situation with the weather and they were lucky that the situation wasn't as bad as it could have been."

Source: Tucson News


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