Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals Your Personality ... Pick Your Cookie!

•Thin Mints -- You're a person who believes fun can be found in most every aspect of life. Whether you're working or playing, you have a youthful zest that turns an ordinary day into a party and your friends and family love for it. 

•Lemon Pastry Cremes -- You're an elegant person who likes things just so. Although you never appear to get ruffled, you manage to juggle job, family and home with amazing aplomb, thanks to your organizational skills. Your motto: Never let them see you sweat. 

•Shortbread -- Just like this unadorned cookie, there's no artifice about you. Down-to-earth and strong-minded, you set your goals and meet them in an energetic but not showy manner. Children are especially charmed by your open, sunny personality. 

•Caramel Delites -- Like the layers of this cookie, there's more to you than meets the eye. Your reserved manner makes you a bit of a mystery to some people. But those lucky few within your circle know they can count on your generous heart and wise counsel. 

•Peanut Butter Sandwich -- You're the glue that holds your world together, just like the creamy center of this cookie. Friends, family and co-workers all look to you for leadership and guidance. You're a master at cutting through to the heart of the matter and coming up with a brilliant solution.

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