SEE What Your Fav St. Patrick’s Day Food Says About YOU...

•Corn Beef & Cabbage: You're a live wire who's bursting with energy and always ready to party with your pals. You're also a ball of fire at work. 

•Bangers & Mash: You are an aggressive and opinionated person who seldom takes no for an answer. 

•Shepherd's Pie: You're obsessed with perfection in every aspect of your life. This makes you a super achiever. You'll be happier if you learn to be flexible. 

•Irish Stew: You are an interesting, aspiring, cope-with-anything individual. But, you may worry too much. 

•Irish Soda Bread: You're a straight shooter with high morals. You believe honesty in relationships is a must.

•Ultimate Irish Apple Cake: You are an outgoing person who never met a stranger. Your people skills help you achieve your goals on the job.

Click below for an Easy Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe!

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