St. Patrick's Day: Choose Your Favorite Marshmallow bit from Lucky Charms.

•Pink Hearts: You're the romantic type. Pink heart people love to receive gifts and nice romantic notes. The best gifts are breakfast in bed and freshly cut pink roses.

•Yellow Moons:  Yellow moons people have considered voicing their displeasure with being a doormat, but don’t. Basically yellows never express their feelings for the one they really want, and end up unsatisfied.

•Orange Stars: You expect to be the center of attention in a relationship. You are only there for one purpose and as soon as an orange star person achieves their goal the other person is expected to let themselves out. 

•Green Clovers: You're a happy-go-lucky type in a relationship. You don't take anything too serious and always manage to have a good time. You have lots of friends.

•Blue Diamonds: You’re calculating and scheming. They will have Lucky Charms for breakfast, but only if quiche is out of the question.

•Purple Horseshoes: Your tastes run modern and slightly warped. Variety is the spice of life. They have a tendency to change their minds as fast as they change their underwear.

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