6 Best Books on Tape for Summer Mom Time

1. If You Like Pop Culture: You should listen to: Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell, $19 on amazon.com. Fans of Sex in the City will get a kick out of fictional writer Pandy Wallis who writes highly successful novels that get turned into mega blockbuster movies. 

2. If You Want to Escape to a Beach (But You're Stuck at Work): You should listen to: Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand, $18 on amazon.com. If you haven’t read one of Elin Hilderbrand’s idyllic novels set on Nantucket Island, this is a good one to start with. 

3. If You Like a Love Story: You should listen to: Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave, $16 on amazon.com. Georgia Ford finds out her fiancée has been keeping big secrets from her so she flees to her family’s vineyard where family secrets start to unravel. 

4.  If You Like a Coming of Age Story: You should listen to: Middleplace by Kelly Corrigan, $30 for MP3 CD on amazon.com. Living in what she calls the Middle Place, Kelly finds herself tending to her adult duties and taking care of her parents when she finds a lump in her breast. 

5.  If You Like a Classic: You should listen to: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, $2 on amazon.com. Considered one of Austen’s first completed novels but not published till after her death, this novel follows seventeen-year-old Gothic novel fan Catherine Morland and her family friends as they travel to Bath. Nineteenth-century English romantic hijinks ensue. 

6.  If You Like a Thriller: You should listen to: The Well by Catherine Chanter, $21 on amazon.com. After a murder happens at the farm, Ruth and her neighbors turn on each other, questioning what really happened at the Well.


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