How to Successfully Parent Your College Student


Let Go

Letting go isn’t easy. Take confidence in the fact that you have raised a mature student who you can trust to make smart decisions.

Stay in Touch (But Not Too Much)

It’s important for your student to become immersed in college life without you calling every hour on the hour.

Mistakes Happen

Allow your student to make his or her own mistakes and be fully aware that he or she will make mistakes

Don’t Pressure Them to Come Home All the Time

Similar to visiting too often, you want your student to get the full college life experience. You certainly will miss them, but pressuring them to come home on weekends is not in his or her best interest.

Give Space

Many students often feel that they actually have less space from their parents when they leave for college than when they lived at home. While a parent’s constant concern is well intentioned, the overbearing actions aren’t doing the students any favors and often result in tension in the relationship.

Avoid Too Much Advice

Your student will likely get frustrated and complain to you about a lot of different things in college, from roommates to studying to finances and beyond.

Though you may have answers to it all, mums the word unless they ask you what they should do.

source: Fastweb


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