Husband Hits Drive Thru With His Wife In Labor - What?

A North Carolina couple was on their way to the hospital after the pregnant wife’s water broke, but the husband wanted to make a quick pit-stop first. At Chick-fil-A!Lacey Cope was in labor and her hubby, Wes, was driving her to the hospital, but his rumbling tummy got the best of him and he pulled through the fast food drive-thru for some nuggets, hash browns, and a sweet tea before taking her to give birth. Since Lacey had already had three kids, she was more laid back before having her fourth baby, and didn’t mind the detour. “She was relaxed, and I was starving,” Wes said just after their son, Finn Sullivan, was born. “If you want Chick-fil-A to move fast, tell them your wife’s in labor.”



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