How To Make Co-workers Like You In 60 Seconds Or Less

· Introduce yourself. There’s usually that one person in the office that you always see in the elevator or hallway, but you’ve never actually spoken to them. Introduce yourself! If you feel awkward about always silently crossing each other’s path, chances are that they do too. Eliminate that weird vibe for both of you. They’ll appreciate that.

· Give more than one-word answers. Next time someone asks how you’re doing, don’t just say “fine.” Expand beyond that with something slightly more in depth. You don’t have to give your whole life story, but make yourself “real.” You’re more than just a quiet body at a desk.

· Get to know your coworkers. Do you know anything about the people you spend eight hours a day with? Like, something real about who they are and their lives outside of 9-5? Respect boundaries and keep things professional, but DO try to ask a few questions and show that you are listening. Something as simple as listening goes a long way in building personal connections.

· Show appreciation. Don’t you love it when you are recognized for something you did really well? Everyone else does too! Sincerely congratulate your colleagues on big achievements. Thank coworkers for working with you on a project. Voicing your appreciation for people is one of the quickest ways to make yourself endearing.

· Be considerate. Even if you’re tired and grumpy... if traffic was a nightmare and your cat threw up on your shoe... make an effort to say “good morning” to people. Make small talk in the elevator. Be friendly, approachable and open to everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a fake smile plastered on your face all day, but a little verbal interaction really goes a long way.

Colleagues looking at cheerful businesswoman in meeting

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