Heartbreaking Picture and Story of Dog Goes Viral ... Tissue Alert!


Moose, a 3-year-old Labrador mix, was recently pictured sitting patiently next to an empty hospital bed, waiting for the return of his owner, who had just died.

In 2017, the Labrador mix was found tied to a railroad sign in front of an animal shelter in Georgia. He waited for several months at the shelter and didn't receive much interest from potential adopters.

A volunteer at the shelter contacted one of the Eleventh Hour Rescue's partners in Georgia and asked for the rescue's help. That help came, and Moose was moved to the New Jersey animal rescue. While there, he made several friends with volunteers and was eventually adopted.

The man who adopted Moose died about a year later. Per the animal rescue's policy, Moose was brought back to the Eleventh Hour Rescue, where he was taking the loss pretty hard.

Shortly after posting about Moose's return, the Eleventh Hour Rescue received several adoption applications. On Saturday, the rescue found a new home and family for Moose.


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