She's 91, He's 95 and They're Getting Married on Merritt Island!


After 3 years of dating and 5 proposals they finally got married. She’s 91 and he’s 95. Wedding bells will ring at Georgianna United Methodist Church on Merritt Island tomorrow morning as 91-year-old Mary Helen Wester plans to wed 95-year-old Jack Herpel.

Wester, a Merritt Island native, met Herpel at Courtenay Springs Village, in 2016. Herpel, who moved from Maryland to Brevard in 1967, had asked Wester to dance. Since then, the couple have been in a "three-year inseparable courtship," sharing their passion with daily dancing in Courtenay Springs common rooms. Wester was a professional ballroom dancer, and Herpel has experience with 1930s and '40s dance styles like swing dancing and jazz.


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