Chrissy Teigen Scaring John Legend As He Hosts 'Ellen' Is Couple Goals

As if we needed another reason to love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

While John, I mean, the newly crowned Sexiest Man Man Alive, guest hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show, his loving wife scared the crap out of him, which in turn, blessed us with yet another iconic John and Chrissy moment.

"I'm still, believe, it or not, the Sexiest Man Alive," the "Love Me Now" singer told the audience. "Is it me or did I even get sexier during the break, I don't know. Anyway, I want to thank the audience for singing 'All of Me,' I wrote that song about my wife, Chrissy, and she was in the music video. We actually filmed it in Italy the week we got married, and here's an interesting fact though, the record company originally wanted someone else to be my love interest in the video...."

John then showed a hilarious clip of "All of Me" featuring Ellen. And when the video ended, Chrissy popped up out of a box and screamed, "What are you f**king doing?!"

A shocked and scared John couldn't help but smile as his wife then apologized for cursing. “That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Chrissy told her husband. “Honestly, I’m so exhausted!”

"You were taking a long time!” she added. “You didn’t hear me banging around in the box?…He’s very unaware of anything around him.”

John then agreed that he’s not the most observant guy in the world, telling Chrissy she could probably cheat on him and get away with it. “Oh no, I have — a million times,” she joked.

See the hilarious video HERE.

Photos: Getty Images/Ellen

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