Palm Beach County Mayor: "I Don't Care What" Governor's "Ideology Is"

On the heels of the governor's State of the State address comes a State of the County address from Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner.

During the virtual address on Wednesday, he talked about approaching the "last chapter" of the COVID-19 pandemic, and touted how well mitigation efforts have gone in comparison.

"Our positivity rates throughout the entirety of this pandemic have consistently been lower than the 66 other counties in the state, which is a fascinating concept."

The number of COVID deaths in Palm Beach have been good for second-highest in the state, but medical experts say that's because the county has one of the highest populations of elderly residents. Miami-Dade leads the way in the total number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

Kerner, a Democrat, addressed the importance of putting party politics aside.

"I work, and my colleagues work, with whoever it is we need to work with. Our chief executive is Governor DeSantis. I don't care what his ideology is in the midst of a pandemic."

The mayor said what's important is serving the residents of the county.

Other Democrats on the county commission have been frequent critics of the Republican governor, while Kerner has worked closely with DeSantis throughout the pandemic.

Photo: CBS 12