INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S MONTH:Mindy with Buffy Murphy American Heart Assoc.

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Buffy Murphy (McKinney) - Regional Director Brevard/Flagler/Volusia - American Heart Association

Buffy McKinney started her fundraising career as a volunteer for Opportunity Village when she was a Casino Executive/Race and Sports Manager in Las Vegas. When she left the casino industry she transitioned into Fundraising at the same organization and has worked for Cystic Fibrosis and is currently the Regional Director for the American Heart Association. Spanning a 14+ year career with the AHA she has had an opportunity to work in the St. Louis market on their Heart Walk Event at Busch Stadium and in 7 states around Smoke Free Workplace. She is currently the Regional Director for Volusia/Brevard/and Flagler Counties. Buffy has 5 grandchildren and when she is not with them enjoys playing pool in her spare time. She recently had the opportunity to play in the APA World Championships and is qualified to play again in October of 2021.

Before the American Heart Association existed, people with heart disease were thought to be doomed to complete bed rest — or destined to imminent death.

But a handful of pioneering physicians and social workers believed it didn’t have to be that way. They conducted studies to learn more about heart disease, America’s No. 1 killer. Then, on June 10, 1924, they met in Chicago to form the American Heart Association — believing that scientific research could lead the way to better treatment, prevention and ultimately a cure. The early American Heart Association enlisted help from hundreds, then thousands, of physicians and scientists.

Since then, the AHA has grown rapidly in size and influence — nationally and internationally — into an organization of more than 33 million volunteers and supporters dedicated to improving heart health and reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Brevard County American Heart Association

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