Billie Eilish Reveals The Intimate Place She Has A Tattoo

Billie Eilish sat down with Vanity Fair for the "Same Interview, The Fifth Year," and the 19-year-old singer laughed at her old self. The singer also shared her new tattoos and revealed she's gotten some ink between her breasts.

"It's sort of funny how fast we get used to things," Eilish said after listening to a quote from last year about how she would no longer be taking shows for granted in 2020. "It's kind of scary. Because you think, you know when you don't have something you think 'Oh my god, when I have that in front of me I'm not even going to get used to it, it's going to be so exciting and new,' and it's exciting for like, two seconds. And it's super weird, I don't mean shows, I mean everything in general. It takes one second to get used to stuff. Because that's what we're meant to do is adapt. I wish I could actually tell that to year-ago Billie. Because boy was I suffering not playing shows and not seeing fans in real life, and you know, being able to actually be with them for real and not through a screen. So it's been amazing. But it's so crazy how fast I picked it all back up."

Eilish's interview also saw her reflecting on her new look, and that she just figures "any thing goes," with three words rather than two. She also talked more about her Met Gala look and convinced Oscar de la Renta not to use fur in their products going forward as a condition of her wearing them for Fashion's Biggest Night.

Last year's interview with Vanity Fair saw her saying that she did get a tattoo, "but you'll never see it." Earlier this year, however, Eilish revealed in her intimate Vogue shoot that there was one tattoo along her thigh. This year, she shared that she has one tattoo between her breasts that says "Eilish, she talked about the dragon that goes along her thigh which was first spotted during her Vogue shoot, and she showed her most recent tattoo, the fairies along her wrist.

"No, I'm not going to be all tatted up, but I have some more ideas," Eilish said. "Right now, I feel pretty satisfied. I feel in a good zone with them. I felt the urge for a while, and now I'm like, 'ah, give me a little more time.'" She also shared that the "Eilish" on her chest had been her first tattoo, and the dragon followed it up when she got it after last year's Vanity Fair interview.

This year also saw the singer changing up her look, going for a blonde bob rather than her signature black-and-green locks. More recently, Eilish cut her hair even shorter, and she showed off the new look earlier this week.

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