The Cicadas Are Coming... and so Are the Copperhead Snakes!

The 17-year cicadas are coming... and apparently, so are the copperhead snakes!

If the emergence of Brood X, millions of 17-year cicadas set to invade Maryland this spring, isn't enough to freak you out, maybe this will...

All of those cicadas could attract venomous copperhead snakes!

According to Only In Your State, copperheads like to feast on cicadas so they may venture out of wooded areas where they live in order to enjoy the abundance of tasty treats. If you end up with a lot of cicadas in your yard, you may want to keep an eye out for the copperheads, just to be safe.

Oh, and if you think the cicadas are loud... They are. They're so loud they could damage your hearing!

So how bad is this going to be? I didn't live here 17 years ago when they last emerged, so I have no idea if I should be concerned or not. When I lived in Florida we had to deal with love bugs every year, but they were tiny and not too much of a nuisance. Am I going to be afraid to go outside?

I'm sure my cicada-loving son will have a blast... He loves going "cicada hunting" and picking up the shells. In fact, he has a collection of them in a jar and sometimes he puts them out around the house to scare me.

Here's just one small jar full. He keeps this in his room. Boys are weird!

I think that's enough bugs and snakes for one afternoon.

Thanks for reading!

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