#DelilahBookClub ... Our February Book | The Greatest Secret


This February I’m encouraging all of my friends and listeners to take a deep breath, do some self-assessment, and before throwing every ounce of energy they have into something or someone, spend a little on yourself.

Author Rhonda Byrne

Women especially are proficient at taking care of the needs of others before taking care of themselves. Diet, exercise, and our spiritual health often fall by the wayside as we are looking after our family, friends, and work or societal responsibilities.

We need constant reminders to take time to pause, reflect, and fill our own cups so there is something left for everyone else. This is one.

My February Book Club pick, The Greatest Secret, by Rhonda Byrne may be just the volume you could use in your life right now:

“From Rhonda Byre, the author of the worldwide phenomenon, The Secret, comes the New York Times bestselling book, The Greatest Secret.

The Greatest Secret reveals the most profound discovery a human being can make. It IS possible to live a life of pure bliss and joy, totally free of negative feelings, and The Greatest Secret can show you how. This life-changing book is filled with accessible practices and profound revelations that take you on an incomparable journey. What discovery can possible be so life-changing?”

Find The Greatest Secret wherever books, e-books, and audiobooks are sold!

Let this month be the beautiful beginning of loving yourself enough to live your life happily and healthfully, by spending quality time with YOU, and let The Greatest Secret help you with that goal.


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