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9 tips for exercising safely during hot summer days

Fitness expert and personal trainer Stephanie Mansour shares her tips for staying safe and even cool while working out in the summer heat.

Before you workout:

  • Consider your schedule - Try to avoid being outside in the sunniest and hottest time of day, even if it means shifting your workout to earlier in the morning or later in the evening.
  • Choose your clothing wisely - Mansour recommends breathable fabrics in light colors, as well as wearing loose clothing to let air move around your body and allow sweat to evaporate.
  • Pay attention to hydration - Drink plenty of water before you start working out and it will help you feel cooler as you exercise.

During your workout in hot temperatures:

  • Hydrate - Try to drink eight ounces of cold water for every 15 minutes of exercise to stay hydrated.
  • Listen to your body - “Pay attention to what your body is telling you,” Mansour says. “This is less about feeling hot and sweating more than usual - that’s a given. Telltale signs that you need to rest and take a break include feeling muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness or light-headedness.” If you feel those, take a break, hydrate and find some shade to cool down, then decide if you’re up to keep going.

To cool down after you work out in the heat:

  • Stretch - Do them while you’re still warm, and add a cold washcloth or bandana to the back of your neck or wrists.
  • Breath - Do a cooling breath by curling the sides of your tongue and breathing in and out through your mouth.
  • Take a cold shower - To help lower your body temperature.
  • Have a post-workout snack - Something cool and nourishing, like Greek yogurt with fruit, fruit popsicles or a cold protein smoothie.

Source: Today

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