LIST: Tips before going to bed...

Tips before going to bed:

Your peppermint face scrub: "Right before bed is the one time you want to tamp down all five sense," says Travis Stork, M.D. "Avoid anything stimulating even if it is just a scent."

A too-early bedtime: If eight hours is good, 12 is not better, says Stork. Too much sleep invites its own problems.

Decaf coffee: Surprise Decaf does not always mean caffeine-free, says Ashton. Some products contain up to 10 milligrams of caffeine enough to keep you up.

Utter silence: Women are hardwired to be way more sensitive to noises at night, says Ashton. So a small sound in total quiet can jolt you awake. Level things out with a white-noise machine.

P.M. sweat sessions: High impact exercise less than three hours before bed could leave you with an energy rush, says Stork. if you must work out at night, take a bath before bed to lower your body temp.