Our iHeartRadio Family had a tough Sunday!

Sometimes when you're an on-air personality you do things you would never imagine. Dr. Shane does mornings on WPAP our station in Panama City.  

There were 2 shootings on Panama City Beach yesterday, that at the time were believed to be related.

The sheriff and the sheriff’s PIO contacted WPAP to relay information.

It was believed the suspects had access to an AK-47.

Our stations in Panama City  took all 5 stations live to relay the vehicle and suspect descriptions and encourage anyone spotting the vehicle to call 911.

About 30 minutes into the broadcast, we received a call from a listener with a first-hand account of the apprehension live as it happened, she was stuck in the drive through line.

A short time after, the sheriff called in, with the gentleman who spotted the vehicle and called 911.

He had heard the description on our country station, 92-5 WPAP. Listen to the event below.


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