LIST: How To Prep Your Kids For Daylight Saving Time!

Adjust your family’s wake-up time - Shifting your morning routine by waking your kids up earlier, ideally 15 minutes earlier each day, so it’s not so much of a shock Monday morning.

Start your day with sunshine - Getting some morning light can help reset the body’s internal clock and help signal that it’s time to wake up. So open the curtains and turn on the lights, or better yet, go outside, if you have time.

Think like a vampire in the evenings - Darkness helps turn on melatonin - a hormone our bodies make to help induce sleep. Close the curtains and dim the lights to ease little ones to bedtime.

Make screen time DST friendly - The blue light from devices can mess with melatonin production, so shift them to night mode to minimize blue light in the evening.

Don’t forget about your own sleep needs - The time change can be tough on adults, too, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


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