Things You Shouldn’t Be Eating At Your Desk!

Leftover Fish – While this may be a healthy option, it will likely stink up the whole office so leave those leftovers at home.

Pasta – Yes it may be delicious, but all those carbs will likely leave you useless for the rest of the day, plus, there’s a really good chance you’ll make a huge mess of yourself with that red sauce.

Fast Food – You might as well be telling your co-workers you’re hungover, or that you have the tastes of a high schooler.

Corn on the Cob – Unless you bring your own corn holders, corn on the cob is a messy proposition. Plus you’ll probably wind up with lots of bits in your teeth.

Cereal – The mag suggests that cereal is something that should be left for a relaxed environment like your home, not your workspace.

Sushi – You’ll come across as trying too hard to look cultured.

Ribs – As good as ribs are, it isn’t exactly pleasant to watch people eating them, which is why they aren’t good for the office.

Fried Chicken – While it may smell good at first, the remnants that wind up in your garbage are bound to make everything stink, and your co-workers won’t appreciate that.

Tacos – As delicious as they are, the chances of filling not falling out are pretty slim, which means you’ll be making a mess at the desk.

Pancakes – No one wants to watch their co-worker eating something sticky and messy at their desk, not to mention the sweet smell that will permeate throughout the office.


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