INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S MONTH:Mindy with Aiesha Campbell Owner of Shoe Bakery

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Aiesha Campbell - Co-Owner of Shoe Bakery

Chris Campbell of Cocoa is the head artist and baker’ behind Shoe Bakery, mixing a lifelong passion for sweets and desserts with a love of shoes and style. From concept to the final product, Chris takes a completely hands-on approach with every pair of shoes to make them as sweet and unique as possible.

Chris’ passion for these one-of-a-kind works of art was contagious enough for his wife, Aiesha Campbell, to join him on this adventure, and the two run Shoe Bakery together as a truly family affair of style.

Shoe Bakery is sweet treats for your feet. We take indulgence and decadence to a whole new level, creating one-of-a-kind, handmade shoes that will surely bring out your sweet side.

With wearable pastries for your feet, Shoe Bakery strives to make life a little sweeter, a little more colorful, and to bring a new sense of style and whimsy to the world of women’s shoes. After all, there is nothing sexier than a sleek high heel - except, perhaps, if it’s covered in ‘melted’ ice cream.

Shoe Bakery

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