Bill Barr Endorses Trump, "Another Biden Term Would Be National Suicide"

Former Attorney General Barr Speaks At The Federalist Society

Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, who is no friend of Donald Trump, says he's endorsing the Republican because "because another Biden term would be “national suicide.”

Barr said Wednesday he thinks “the real danger to the country — the real danger to democracy, as I say, is the progressive agenda.”

He continued, “And while … Trump may be playing Russian roulette, but a continuation of the Biden administration is national suicide, in my opinion.”

Barr also called the ongoing Manhattan case against Trump an “abomination.”

Meanwhile, members of the Kennedy family will endorse President Joe Biden for re-election today, a rebuff of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent run for the White House. More than 15 members of the famous political family will give their endorsement at a campaign event in Philadelphia.

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