Life Hacks: How To Remove Polish From Just About Anything

Removing polish from wood - First of all, never use nail polish because it ruins the finish on wood. But squirt a puddle of hairspray on the polish for about 20-seconds and then you can wipe it right off. You may have to repeat it, but it’ll work.

Getting nail polish out of cloth - Nail polish remover can ruin some materials, so do a spot test first. Try hairspray if you can’t use polish remover and the dry cleaner may be able to get it out with their special solvents.

Removing polish from hair - When you end up painting your strands as well as your nails, use non-acetone polish remover to wipe it if it’s still wet. And if it’s dried, work some oil or conditioner in it to slide out little bits at a time.

Cleaning polish out of carpet - If you’ve got light or white carpet, go ahead and use non-acetone polish remover to work the stain out. But you don’t want to ruin dark carpet, so try pouring hairspray or rubbing alcohol on it, then blot the polish up with paper towels.

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