GRAPHIC! Video Shows Passenger Being Dragged Screaming Off Plane!

United Airlines management reportedly informed passengers of the “overbooking” of seats and asked for volunteers to come off the flight. When that didn’t happen – they then selected passengers at random. Horrified passengers looked on – and filmed – as the still unidentified 69-year-old man was forcibly removed and bloodied up by several security officers. Come to find out that the “overbooking,” was the company wanting to fly a crew to another destination.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. The CEO of United Airlines is calling the passenger that was forcibly removed from a plane in Chicago yesterday "disruptive and belligerent." That comment flies in face of what witnesses reported – that the man simply refused to give up his seat, saying he paid for it – that he was a doctor and had patients to see the next morning. No one's standing by the O'Hare Police. The main officer involved has been put on leave - and it's being reported that no one from the airline blessed that kind of force to be used.  Please be aware that the video is pretty graphic.



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