Get Clearer Skin With This $1 Hack!

We love a good beauty tip and this one comes from the Makeup Addiction Subreddit. Redditors swear that using this $1 laundry detergent bar that you can buy at your local hardware store or dollar store that does double duty as a makeup brush cleaner. And they say it’ll give you clearer, brighter skin.

“Women’s Health” magazine asked makeup artist Jamie Greenberg about it and she explains why Zote soap is the way to go with cleaning those tools. "They sell it to get rid of clothing stains, but the bar makes it easy to clean brushes,” she explains. “I hold it under the water and then run my brush back and forth until all the color comes out. Then I rinse with water so no detergent is left." Greenberg says she has super-sensitive skin, so she tests everything on herself before using it on a client.  So skip all the fancy brush cleaners and try something basic. If it works for a makeup pro, it can work for us too.


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