LIST: What To Never Eat Before A Workout

Soda – Stick with water, unless gassy abdominal pain as you bounce your body around is something that appeals to you.

High-Fiber Foods – That veggie soup looked good on paper, but those heavy-duty fiber foods take more work for your body to break down. You want that blood flow going to your muscles instead. 

Protein Bars That Are Low-Carb/High-Fiber – Carbs equal energy, and if you don’t have them the energy has to come from somewhere. It’s counter-productive to your goal.

Nuts – Not the “superfood” you think they are. High in fat, and take longer to digest. Stay away from them 6-8 hours prior to your gym routine.

Whole Grain Toast – If you’re doing an endurance workout, then plain white toast is a better call. Go with the simple carbs.

Spicy Stuff – Unless working the elliptical machine with heartburn, acid reflux, or the squirts appeals to you…stay far away.


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