1.  When bills are due: a. You sit down together to handle this chore.   b. Either you or your spouse takes care of it.   c. Whoever grabs them first writes out the checks.

2.  Friends are getting divorced, and: a. You discuss it because it makes you think of your marriage.  b. It upsets one of you while the other is reassuring.  c. One of you sides with the wife, the other with the husband.

3.  You celebrate holidays by: a. Holding a family meeting to choose something everyone likes.  b.  Letting the same person make all the plans.  c. Debating whose ideas are the best.

4.  If your laundry room is flooded: a. You both pitch in to fix it yourselves.  b. One of you takes care of it by calling a plumber.  c. You both have solutions and argue the point endlessly.


Mostly "a" - You're a team with equal responsibilities that keep your relationship running smooth. 

Mostly "b" - Although you present a united front, one of you runs the relationship while the other supplies loving support. 

Mostly "c" - There's a competitive edge to your marriage, and the key to your happiness is mutual encouragement.


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