4 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Even Healthier

•Eggs - Toss in some avocado or roasted sweet potato to get a serving of veggies first thing, boost your fiber and vitamin K by adding some spinach, kale, or arugula, or a dash of turmeric for a fresh flavor this anti-inflammatory spice brings.

•Oatmeal - Use rolled or steel-cut oats since they have less fiber. And add real fruit instead of dried because it has less sugar.

•Cereal - It’s easy to over-serve yourself, so make sure you’re watching your portion size, usually about three-quarters of a cup. Make sure you really read labels so you can find one with less sugar and you can always add more protein by tossing in some nuts or seeds.

•Smoothie - Use frozen fruit instead of juice to boost the fiber and throw in some avocado, flaxseed, coconut oil, or chia seeds for your omega-3s. Plus, research shows that more air in a smoothie makes it more filling, so blend it for a good two to three minutes.


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