WEIGHT LOSS WEDS: Boost Your Weight Loss

Listen to your hunger - If you’re slammed all day and ignore hunger cues, you’re more likely to overeat when you do have a meal. So plan ahead and have healthy stuff on hand to eat throughout the day.

Watch out for the bites, licks, and tastes - Just a few M&Ms from the office candy dish won’t hurt, but pass by it a dozen times a day and they start to add up. Grazing all day also keeps you from being truly hungry or full, so it’s harder to feel satisfied.

Get moving - getting up and stretching every hour, even if it’s just for a minute or two. 

Drink more water - Being even just a little dehydrated can make you feel hungry, but all you really need is some water. So make sure you’re keeping a full water bottle at your desk and sipping on it all day.


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