If You Go: Tips for Evacuation Routes

Determine Your Evacuation Options: One of the most important decisions made during an emergency situation is whether to evacuate or stay in your home or current location. Determining factors such as your unique circumstances and the nature of the emergency should be carefully evaluated before either option is decided upon.

Share Your Evacuation Plans: If an evacuation is ordered make sure you have several options and different locations you can seek refuge. Be sure to make a list of general population shelters, homes of friends, family or even a private caregiver whose facility you could use in case of an mandatory evacuation. This list should also include the emergency contact numbers and addresses for all your evacuation options for easy reference when you need the information most.

Map Your Evacuation Routes: Once you have determined your geographically varied evacuation locations, map out how you or your agreed transporter could get to each location. Keep in mind all of the obstacles that might come along with travel during an emergency such as traffic, weather conditions, road closures, down power lines and other obstructions.

Florida Emergency Information Line: If  at any time you feel you are in danger or an emergency threatens your well-being, make sure your emergency plan has the number of the Florida Emergency Information Line (FEIL): 1-800-342-3557

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