Mike & Mindy's Monday Life Hacks…

1. Get some of your most-hated chores out of the way before the weekend begins. When it comes to cleaning, it's not the physical act of doing it that pains me so, it's how much of my precious weekend time it steals away from me.

2. Wear a pair of well-fitting rubber gloves while you clean. This is another very excellent and smart tip. Cleaning is way more tolerable when you're hands are safe inside a pair of gloves.

3. Find a podcast or audiobook that you only listen to while you clean. Podcasts in particular are a great cleaning tool because there are so many great ones out there that it's perfectly reasonable to have one that you only listen to while you clean.

4. Play to your strengths when dividing up chores within your household. If you live with roommates or a partner, it might initially make sense to divide all chores equally and work on rotation.

5. Work out how much each chore actually takes to do, so you know what you're in for when you begin.  This is an extremely simple hack but it's one that can save you from feeling like you've unexpectedly spent an entire day cleaning.

6. And finally, buy cleaning products and tools that you actually like using.  The idea that you will be more inclined to do the thing if you like the things you use to do the thing can also be applied to everything from taking proper care of your skin to cooking.


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