LIST: Mistakes That Age You Quick

Sleeping on your face - Gravity wins when we sleep on our faces. So you get the immediate effects of puffiness and swollen eyes, plus over time, sleeping face-down promotes full-face-sagging and loss of collagen. So try sleeping on your back, it’s better for your back and face.

Not washing your face - We all get lazy sometimes, but not taking time to remove the dirt, sweat, and makeup from the day will lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Using too many skincare products - Mixing products can have unexpected results. So if you’re using a retinol to prevent wrinkles, don’t use a product with acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide because it can increase irritation and make your skin dry.

Not drinking enough water - Being dehydrated makes your skin look wrinkly and your eyes appear sunken in. And consistent dehydration can cause skin to lose elasticity, which means it doesn’t bounce back. Just another reason to drink enough water every day!


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